The Life of an Eccentric

Spring Break

Well it’s Spring Break time here in Oklahoma…home of Eccentricity.  I’m taking the rest of the week off of Job #1 and after tomorrow night the rest of the week off Job #2.  My son is here and he and his cousin have totally taken over the living room with tv’s, ps3’s, and Resident Evil 5.  Here in a little bit my oldest daughter will be visiting from the Great State of Texas….Home of the Cowboys.  She is hanging out with a friend who just had a baby.  But part of her short time will be spent with me and her sibs.  I hopefully will get a few minutes with the Grand Demons as her man is dropping her off.

So I doubt there will be much posting for the rest of the week.  Which is no big deal since I really just started posting anyway.  Hey….Maybe I’ll have pics of the crew before it’s all over.


And…Happy Spring Break!


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Twitter me this Twitter me that

I signed up a while ago on Twitter but really didn’t see much that it could do for me.  But today my daughter signed herself up and we went through pw’s posts about who won weblog awards.  PW won three which is good.  So many good blogs out there.

Here it is:

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I need to start blogging!

Definitely need to start blogging.  It’s a great stress releaser.  Soon…I hope soon


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