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Finally a post about books

I’m presently reading Dragon of Despair by Jane Lindskold.  Now a little background before I get started on this book.

Many years ago..when I was around 18 or 19 I was an avid member of the Science Fiction Book club.  I bought tons and tons of books.  Anyway, one of the books I bought was The Chronicles of Amber Books 1 and 2.  I loved this series of books.  Each Chronicle contained part of the series written by Roger Zelanzy.  I became a fan and read a few more books by him.  Then many years passed, I married, had kids and got out of the reading mode for a while.  But one New Year’s Eve I was watching a list of who had died that year and Roger was on that list.  I went to the library (this was pre internet) and looked through the microfiche of newspapers to find any information that I could on his death.  Needless to say not much was forthcoming and it all dropped from my mind while life, the universe and everything (thanks for the fish) took up my mind and my life.

Fast forward to a few  months ago.  I was looking around and found a site called Tor.  At Tor they had books you could download and read for free.  I downloaded a handy little program called Mobipocket reader and downloaded all the books that Tor had.  I started working my way through them on my lunch hour at work.  It was so much easier that trying to eat and hold a book.  Well anyway, I read many good books.  I became addicted to many authors and many series.  One book that I was wary about reading because the title didn’t really interest me I started reading.  I fell in love with it too.  It was called Through Wolf’s Eyes by Jane Lindskold.  So I went a hunting to find out more about her.  I found her website and started reading about her.  And Guess What I Found Out?  She was living with Roger Zelanzy when he died.  She, in fact finished  two of his books that he didn’t have a chance to finish.

See how things come full circle?  I no longer have to  wonder about what happened to Roger Zelanzy and in a way, he still gets to be a part of my world.

Now about the book….

Dragon of Despair is book 3 in the Wolf series.  The Star of the series is Firekeeper.  A girl raised by wolves, a girl that has the mentality, strength and courage of a wolf but is human.  And suffers from the usual human frailties.  The series is a story of her struggle to adapt to human life with the help of her friends, Blind Seer, the blue eyed wandering soul wolf, and Elation, the beautiful peregrine falcon who understands much about humans.  Sometimes more than they themselves understand.

In the third book of the series, Firekeeper returns home to her wolf family and she finds out some disturbing information.  Settlers had come to the area and the beasts are not happy.  So Firekeeper pleads with the human king to help her and her family reclaim the woods.  He agrees but under the condition that Firekeeper join a party traveling to a nearby country and help them solve a rather large problem of an exiled noblewoman who had become Queen in that country.

That’s the jest of the book.  The third one is as good as the first one and the second one.  I know there are more to the series but I may wait a while to read them since I have new vampire books (courtesy of my daughter Keli) and a few other series that I’m one book into.

I guess that’s about it for this book post.




March 23, 2009 - Posted by | Books

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