The Life of an Eccentric

Spring Break

Well it’s Spring Break time here in Oklahoma…home of Eccentricity.  I’m taking the rest of the week off of Job #1 and after tomorrow night the rest of the week off Job #2.  My son is here and he and his cousin have totally taken over the living room with tv’s, ps3’s, and Resident Evil 5.  Here in a little bit my oldest daughter will be visiting from the Great State of Texas….Home of the Cowboys.  She is hanging out with a friend who just had a baby.  But part of her short time will be spent with me and her sibs.  I hopefully will get a few minutes with the Grand Demons as her man is dropping her off.

So I doubt there will be much posting for the rest of the week.  Which is no big deal since I really just started posting anyway.  Hey….Maybe I’ll have pics of the crew before it’s all over.


And…Happy Spring Break!


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